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St. John Parish Young Marines

Young Marine Core Values



To make yourself act or work in a controlled or regular way; doing what you know needs to be done, day in and day out, completing chores, obeying curfews, and assisting in the home when needed. Follow all laws of our government and have respect for our leaders, police and those in charge of us.



The ability to influence others. A good leader is able to effectively pass on from their leaders all that is expected to be accomplished. A true leader leads by example.

Young Marines will:            

Aspire to positively influence the fellow Young Marines all the time.

Accomplish their mission by completing all tasks assigned by their leaders and those in charge of them from their parents, teachers, coaches and Young Marine adult leaders.



Co-operation between those working together on a task. To truly understand teamwork, Young Marines must learn to listen to their leaders and peers, ask questions to ensure complete understanding, persuade their team that they can accomplish the mission, respect those on their team and their suggestions, help those on their team to accomplish the mission, share in the glory and the failures of the team, and participate in the task as a member of the team.

Young Marines will:

Always work together to accomplish the mission.

Keep their team motivated at all times even when the mission or task is not a popular one.

Not grab all the glory for a team effort, but spread it amongst all team members.